How do I prolong the lifetime of my watch?
How often do I need to service the watch?
How do I know if my watch is sealed?
If my watch is sealed should I still have the seals replaced periodically?
If I don’t use the watch in water should I still re-seal it?
How long may a quotation take?
What is the general repair procedure?
How to speed up the process
Why is my repair taking so long?
Shipping what to expect
What does a quotation entail?
Our policy on water resistance following repairs:
Do you carry out all watch servicing in house?
Will your watch be safe in the post?
How much will a watch service cost?
Am I able to purchase watch parts from Tic Toc Man?
How long will it take to have a battery replaced and a pressure test on my watch?
How can I adjust my watch strap?


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